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Bad Placenta?

Several years ago, I had a client look me up after she'd received some dire predictions from some health professionals at the clinic where she was going for her prenatal care.

Her pregnancy was about 33 weeks along. She hadn't had any weight gain for a month, and her fundal height hadn't grown for a month. The diagnosis from the clinic personnel was that her placenta must not be functioning properly. Part of their solution was for her to have an ultrasound scan, and their prediction was that she would probably have to have a C-section to remove the baby prematurely from the situation that she was in, with an unsafe placenta.

That was when she called me.

My advice to her was to postpone the ultrasound scan and to go on the Brewer Diet immediately. Further, I urged her to eat something with protein in it every hour that she was awake, even to the point of setting an egg timer, to help her to not forget to take her hourly protein. She accepted my advice and told the clinic that she was going to try a new diet and that she wanted to forego the ultrasound. Their response was that no diet would make any difference in the situation, but that she was welcome to try.

This woman was very determined to make a difference in her pregnancy and her baby's health, and she followed my suggestions to the letter. In one week, she had gained 2 pounds and grew 2 cm, after having no weight gain and no growth in her fundal height in a month. In the second week, she gained 1 pound and grew another 1 cm. In the third week, she gained another pound and grew no centimeters. But by then, the clinic personnel were silenced. They never admitted that they had been wrong, but they also said nothing more about the placenta being insufficient, or about needing an ultrasound scan, or about a premature C-section.

My client continued eating according to the Brewer plan, and the baby continued growing well and the pregnancy went to term.

During the labor, we helped the mom stay home for two days, while the baby turned from posterior to anterior. At the birth (in the hospital), her labor progressed very well, and she was very skilled at staying relaxed and working well with her labor. When she reached 10 cm dilation, the nurses told her that she could push now. We told them that we'd like to wait until she got the urge to push, if it was all the same to them. Fortunately, they agreed, and left the room.

The mom continued to relax and do abdominal breathing with her contractions. Eventually, she mentioned that she felt something coming down. When we looked, there was about a quarter-sized portion of the baby's head visible. The nurses and doctor soon came, and the baby was born well, with no episiotomy, weighing something over 7 pounds, as I recall.

This story showed me a couple of things:

1) It's never too late to try to turn a situation around by using the Brewer Diet. No matter how late it is in the pregnancy, some kind of good will come from the improved nutrition.

2) A uterus that can push a baby almost all the way out with no pushing must be a strong, well-nourished uterus. So her healthy eating must have strengthened her uterus, as well as reversing her placenta problems, even with her late start on the Brewer Diet.

This baby grew up as an intelligent, vivacious young lady, and is now a nurse with babies of her own. I am so thankful that her mother went looking for more information when her clinic advisors had so much negative information for her. I am so grateful that I had the Brewer Diet to give her. I am so thankful that she saw the wisdom in this nutrition plan and whole-heartedly took on the task of reversing an unhealthy situation.

Joy Jones

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