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Even the March of Dimes Rejected his Work

The following was originally typed on "March of Dimes" letterhead. Notice the use here of the myth that Dr. Brewer's views are nothing more than opinions which are unproven, a phrase that we unfortunately continue to hear from Brewer opponents today, more than 20 years later, even after hundreds of studies have supported these "opinions", and thousands of women and babies have been helped with the Brewer pregnancy nutrition plan. The basis for this myth lies in the vehement refusal of Dr. Brewer to put the health and the lives of more mothers and babies at risk by making them part of a "control" group which was poorly nourished, just to prove that good nutrition would prevent "PIH", pre-eclampsia, IUGR, prematurity, abruption of the placenta, low birth weight, and neurological damage. But he and others still found ways to prove the validity of his thesis, over and over, and over. Nevertheless, his opponents continue to propagate the myth that his thesis was never proved. Part of Dr. Brewer's reaction to this rejection follows the letter. Fortunately, his assessment was innacurate when he said, "I don't think a dozen people in USA really grasp our message!" By now, thousands of us grasp the message, with hundreds of us being nurses, midwives, doctors, doulas, and childbirth educators--health care providers on the front lines who are doing our best to teach these basic, commonsense principles to as many mothers, fathers, and healthcare providers as we possibly can.

I find it very sad indeed that this organization, which has the goal and ideal of preventing birth defects and saving the lives of babies and their pregnant mothers, treated with such disrespect one of the greatest champions for healthy babies and mothers of all time. I am also sad to see this organization continue to fund and support pre-eclampsia research and orgnanizations which vehemently deny the birth-defect-producing and complication-producing effects of poor nutrition in pregnancy, choosing instead to search for other causes of pre-eclampsia in exotic explanations such as genetics and enzymes and bad placentas and other solutions, with the result that the final answer is forever elusive. That money would go much further in the goal of preventing birth defects and saving babies' lives if at least some of it were spent in simply feeding mothers better foods.

See here for details of some studies which support the above statements

March of Dimes
Birth Defects Foundation
Metropolitan Chicago Chapter
53 West Jackson Blvd.- Chicago, Illinois 60604 - (312) 341-1370

Pamela Ippoliti
Director of Chapter Programs

May 21,1982

Mr. Jay Hodin
Executive Director
Society for the Protection
of the Unborn through Nutrition
17 North Wabash
Suite 603
Chicago, Illinois 60602

Dear Mr. Hodin:

It has come to my attention through our national headquarters in White Plains that Dr. Tom Brewer will be speaking at the prenatal nutrition education seminar to be conducted by the Society for the Protection of the Unborn through Nutrition on June 26 and 27.

While it was our decision to join you as a co-sponsor for this offering since our organizations share many mutual concerns, I was unaware at the time of the highly controversial nature of Dr. Brewer's views. The March of Dimes' name cannot be used to endorse opinions which are at best unproven and at worst debatable.

I must therefore ask that all mention of the March of Dimes be removed from future publicity surrounding this event and that no reference be made to our organization at the event itself.

Pamela Ippoliti

Arthur J. Salisbury, MD
Vice President for Medical Services
Jose Goenaga
Assistant Director of Field Operations
Dennis A. Gilmore
Executive Director

Dr. Brewer's Reaction:

Dear Jay,

The March of Dimes is collecting millions of dollars from the U.S. American people--and doing what? Supporting "genetic studies" and perinatology....We have hundreds of studies which support our basic thesis, lines of clinical research and clinical practice of primary prevention--but we can't get enough money to keep the SPUN office open! I don't think a dozen people in USA really grasp our message!

Love to all,

how are they going to start "preventing birth defects" as long as they scorn our point of view about diets and drugs?
T.B. 6-21-82

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